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Page history last edited by ridddlr 9 years, 2 months ago

where do u have (or can build) competitive advantage?


synergy with environment

career path that surrounds yourself with right people


channel raw energy

natural inclination to do the work



everyday, make it a little better

get invested




3) hbase prototype? mr on top? hive?

4) dive into hive - MR


is the problem engaging enough to unlock your best talent?

do your best - energy


*communication tech

*self-organizing tech - but non-meta first

organize bookmarks

blog w structural context


find a direction where you can pump out a lot of stuff and make connections

what cleaning up of structure and information and interaction to people actually want and need?


facilitate lightweight interaction


poker: a fast vector for results and learning; find your groove

build your body of work: reps


where can i get a high-quality stream of hadoop-related news?


a tool to post and organize bookmarks: a better delicious

-give self some raw material to work with


post s3 data analyses online and blog


see what generates interest

-volume of attempts targeting volume of audience - see what sticks


post s3 data


recent books read


build trust


goal: build popular social software

-read a lot on state of the art, see if you're interested

-get good at building software fast


if you are prolific, you can make up for lack of official affiliation




A) hadoop-aws-reps

a community centered around hadoop or aws or data analysis

-read, use, tips, opensurce

B) hadoop meetup, aws


c) fall - get good subs

- get in shape

what do you find fun?

what do others find interesting?

winter - get out raw material, reference, body of work to iterate on

- try to do stuff that people want


d) winter break - get momentum on bubbleup


do a ridapp - an app based (loosely) on reference and inspired by play

be prolific to find the holes

reflect every once in a while, but grounded in action


f) people-centric career

michael wolfe

y combinator





find where i naturally produce

interoperability - big challenge


python as art


find your city - visit cambridge, mit





team player

do what you're good at

clean up messy files

engaging subject mathematically


modularity for cross-pollination


invoke hadoop from within python

common crawl - s3


ask for favor to start cycle


feedback loop with prolific feedback


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